Breaking 80 rangefinder

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Breaking 80 rangefinder

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Breaking 80 rangefinders is equipped with INTELLISCAN technology. Set the golf range finder to scan mode. Then rangefinder will quickly and easily pick up the distance to the trees, bunkers, Fairway Edge and back of the green. In fact, breaking 80 rangefinder makes yardage guessing a thing of the past because of INTELLISCAN technology.

The breaking 80 golf rangefinder features advanced PinSensor technology with a target priority mode for measuring overlapping subjects. As the name declare a plan for something or suggests, this feature allows the golfer to determine the distance of the closest yard. This is extremely effective for long distance golfing since it allows golfers to measure the exact distance to a flagstick that has trees in the background.

With this best golf rangefinder, you can range flags from up to 300 yards (+/-1) without the use of reflectors or prisms. This can magnify up to 6 X through its multilayer coated monocular lens. You can take the range of objects as far as 5-440 yards. The best golf laser rangefinder comes with dual mode.

You can attention on something for focus on your reference point to shoot at or target via Flag Seeking style or mode, or you can have a general view through scan mode. You can do it up to 8 seconds. The best rangefinder is powered 3-volt CR2 battery. Batteries are included with the package. It also originates with a free carrying case with a belt loop.

This best range finder comes with water resistant feature. But that does not mean that it can be used underwater. Water-resistant means the rangefinder survives in the rain yet provide clear, bright images. It comes with a clearest LCD display to take the reading with ease. This range finder is designed to fit in on hand; it is smaller than other similar products in the market with less price.

You may never use a rangefinder in your life, however, using Breaking 80 rangefinder will not be a problem or difficulties for you. The interface has been intended to be as concise and understandable as possible. It is made ready to use, out of the box.

Our Remarks

Two features make Breaking 80 rangefinder truly unique. One feature is its unique design and the other is integrated next-generation software. The PinSensor technology makes fast measurements possible, and the priority mode makes targeting and measuring the distance a breeze. The Intelliscan technology is for pick out targets at long distance with ease while scope lenses provide better visibility irrespective of weather condition.

Ergonomics or grip was taken into account during the creation system of Breaking 80 rangefinder. Its water resistance function is an added advantage to use it in any weather condition. Particularly, in wet weather to provide users bright, clear images.

The size of this rangefinder is about the size of a small camcorder making it easily storable in a golf bag. The device comes with a free battery. So, you will not have to stop play once it runs out power. Just replace the old battery with the new battery and continue play. Finally, breaking 80 rangefinders comes with an unbeatable price.

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