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    Crossbows vs Compound Bows: A Guide for Beginners
    Erik Himmel

    Although there’s some distance between the emergence of crossbows and compound bows, the debate ‘crossbows vs compound bows’ is still on the air. Both have their bright and dark sides. So, both have followers and critics. In fact, a crossbow...




    Wrist Release vs Thumb Release: A Comparative Study
    Robert Stevens

    Archery has become a popular game these days. As technology improves, you get to come across different archery aids. Every archer aims at getting a smooth release, depending on the type of bow used, several aids have been provided to...

    compound bow vs longbow



    Compound Bow vs Longbow: Who Really Wins the Fight?
    Erik Himmel

    Imagine you and your friend wondering into the bush and snipping like two seasoned paratroopers. You and your friend use bows instead of rifles. When you aim and shoot an elk with your arrows, you both erupt into an aura...

    how to use compound bow sights



    How to Use Compound Bow Sights – Ranger Expert Guides You!
    Robert Stevens

    Using bow for hunting requires stability, and most times, attaining such stability can take a couple of weeks or months. However, there’re tricks you can use to get around this, especially if you’re a beginner.  Stability is important when it...

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    Archery Bow Types Explained for Archers & Bowhunters
    Erik Himmel

    Few sports have a history as enduring and riveting as archery’s that spreads throughout generations making it an area for fans to experience, enhance, and flourish. The tangible changes in archery equipment and coexistence of the traditional gear are proof...




    How to Clean a Semi Auto Rifle Properly in Just Minutes?
    Erik Himmel

    Owning a firearm puts the owner in a place of safety and gives such person confidence in the face of perpetration into his or her home. However, beyond the courage and confidence of owning a firearm, there is the responsibility...