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    Featured_how often should you clean your gun



    How Often Should You Clean Your Gun – Tips from a Firearm Hobbyist
    Robert Stevens

    A few days ago, one of my associates asked, “Hey Rob, how often should you clean your gun?” I replied, “Everyday…um…every few weeks or someday while I can…” He chuckled and said, “You’re kidding!” No, I wasn’t! I wasn’t trying...

    difference between monocular and binocular cues



    Difference Between Monocular and Binocular Cues Explained in Details
    Robert Stevens

    Monocular and binocular cues basically deal with the depth of visual perception. The most significant difference between them is that one provides deep information about a scene when viewed with an eye (monocular cues) while the other also provides in-depth...

    types of hunting



    Hunting Facts & Different Types of Hunting- Using Guns, Bows & Arrows
    Carolina Pina

    Hunting can be seen as a hobby or a sporting activity. It is the act of using traps or other forms of weapon to trap or kill animals. There are tons of weapons you can use and of techniques to...

    bow hunting essentials



    Bow Hunting Essentials – Detailed List by Seasoned Bowhunters
    Erik Himmel

    Bow hunting is one of the oldest survival techniques known to man. A bow and a stack of arrows is perhaps the most iconic representation of hunting. However, not everyone can dominate this ancient technique. In order to become a...

    Vortex rangefinder



    Why Are Vortex Rangefinders Preferred by Professional Bow Hunters?
    Erik Himmel

    Since the advent of civilization, hunting has always been a wonderful way of life for people all over the world. Whether it is for food or pleasure, hunting has its appeal to enchant hunters. As technology enters the avenue of...




    How to Load A Revolver? (Single & Double Action Guns)
    Erik Himmel

    Are you interested in revolvers these days? Then, you must be looking for some training sessions to put your revolver in working condition. But have you tried some theoretical help before you can initiate the practical training? Not yet? Then...