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Golf rangefinders are electric devices utilized in the sport of golf to assist the player in impeccably measuring the remoteness to define fixed points on a golf area, such as the flag, plants or hazards. Golf rangefinders are also named golf laser rangefinder since the laser expertise utilized in constructing it. In golf, remoteness is a vital part that you continuously have to keep in mind for achievement. Although skilled and proficient golfers can guess it using signs and physical things like greeneries and plants, it is not always precise. Use this buying guide to find the best golf range finder available in the marketplace.

The best golf rangefinder for the money is what you require for precise and more dependable statistics. It is the device that golf players utilize to measure the space to fixed points. We can conclusively say that some laser rangefinders accomplished better than others. For this guide, we assessed each item observing precisely at the constancy of distances delivered, the clearness of the visual field, and the item’s capability to measure remoteness above of 200 yards. Our listed best golf range finder stood out between others.

Best Golf Range Finder To Consider Buying

Best golf laser rangefinder arrives in all extents, forms, price range and so buying one should never be an issue. However, the real fact may be judging the appropriate one for your game or one that will enhance some worth to your game by providing you with dependable, precise and quick information. Use this buying guide to find the best golf range finder to simplify your quest.


Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

  • Editor Rating :
  • Star 4.6 out of 5 star
  • Star
  • Star
  • Star
  • Star

This awesome Bushnell rangefinder golf features the excellent Pin Seeker Gear with JOLT. This will deliver you with little vibrant bursts to highlight that the laser has locked on to the flag so you can recognize you are not receiving remoteness to a tree in the distance. Recognitions to its accurateness, you can be guaranteed that you will get remoteness that within 1 yard of your object. The 5x zooms makes it even simpler to lock on to your object from lengthier expanses, while it can track objects ranging from 5 yards to 1000 yards with a quick focus arrangement.

This range finder also has a posi-thread battery entrance with a waterproof building, 3-Volt CR2 battery and top quality carry case comprised. The efficient structure features Stabi-Grip expertise to assist you to preserve a stable hand. This item is warranted to be free of flaws in ingredients and workmanship for two years after the date of buying.


Product Dimension3.1” x 4” x 1.6”
Weight12 ounces
Model numberTour V4
Part Number 201660
Power source1 Lithium Metal battery (included)
Warranty2-year limited Warranty

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : why did my rangefinder change from yards to meters?
  • Answer :

    Please read through the manual. If the button or switch is pressed for too long when the unit was off, then setting can be changed. However, use the same procedure as described to change it back to the yards option.

  • Question : Can I find the range for something other than a flag? Say a goal post or something?
  • Answer :

    sure, I use trees, bunkers, and structures for targets all the time on the golf course but there might be cheaper alternatives if that is your purpose for the device. But, if you want the correct accuracy, then it should be your choice for better measurement.

Our Remarks

Lots of people are keen Bushnell fan; they will be happy to know that Bushnell restores their rangefinder to be better than ever! While apparently easy to use, it’s anything but in construction. The new outlook is sporty and expert with an accurate target. Moreover, not only it looks so nice, but also this one is very lightweight and compacted. The PinSeeker mechanism with this model eradicates all doubts!


Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder

  • Editor Rating :
  • Star 4.3 out of 5 star
  • Star
  • Star
  • Star
  • Star

The best rangefinder golf or range finder golf will overlook the initial object in its route of view, such as plants and trees, to measure the most remote object, which is usually your target. This quality includes Target Importance, and while advanced end rangefinders will commonly have this feature in one way or another, it's not always obtainable in the more affordable price ranged choices. This Nikon golf rangefinder has been designed with Distant Aim Priority and an affordable price range. This indicates that while you're in the play, this rangefinder must be capable of seeing through the bush and spot your target.

Even with the affordable price range, Nikon didn't hold back on some top quality features, which indicates that for those of you on a tight budget, you can still relish some extras. The Nikon ACULON A11 just might be the most compacted and best gold range finder available in the market.


Product Dimension 3.3” x 6.8” x 5.1”
Weight 6.4 ounces
Model numberACULON AL11
Color Gray
Part Number 8397
Suitable forGun hunting, bow hunting, target shooting

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Does it magnify your target like a monocular? What is the effective range for deer/small game? Is it waterproof/fog proof?
  • Answer :

    Yes, it does magnify your target, advises of the distance, and has crosshairs. It is intended to measure through minor clash; I have utilized it efficiently in the wood to 50 yards; it may work a lot further, but that was my requirement at that moment. Moreover, this item is water resistant; fog won’t be an issue with this product.

  • Question : Can we display the distance in meters?
  • Answer :

    Yes. This is a very basic operation. The button closest to the front is to toggle yards and meters. The button closest to your eye is used to measure the distance. Press it once to get the distance. Press and hold to "scan" distances - as you move the range finder across a field of vision, the distance reading changes as you encounter a different object

Our Remarks

Its Nikon, what do want to know more? The new ACULON from Nikon Rangefinder provides top quality enactment in an enormously compacted body. You won’t find this kind of speed and accuracy in anywhere else, and the optical quality of this models are the finest. If you are searching for a range finder that effortlessly fits into your pocket and your financial plan, then the Nikon ACULON AL11 provides nice value for your expense. But as stated earlier, if you have very large/big hands, you must consider searching for other choices.


Leupold Rx-1600i Laser Rangefinder

  • Editor Rating :
  • Star 3.8 out of 5 star
  • Star
  • Star
  • Star
  • Star

For shooters and golf player, just knowing the distance to a target is not sufficient – so the Leupold Rx-1600i Laser Rangefinder provides critical tactical statistics that account for wind, inclines, and declines. TBR/W expertise perfectly measures the viewpoint of your flag or target. This model arrives with the accuracy of measuring the remoteness, which won’t be available in the others type of rangefinder. TBR/W is also the comfortable technology to measure the wind also, even in the distances of 800 yards. It produces a grip point for a 10-mph wind at a 90-degree viewpoint to your way of target.

This model comes with included OLED display which provides more brightness to the user’s view while also delivering a tremendously bright display with comfortable to read numeric and alphabet. This is significant when trying to range some smaller targets and flags from far away distance. Basically, you cannot range what you cannot see in your eyes.  This item is also resistant to water, so you don’t have to concern about little rain or foggy weather.


Product Dimension 12 x 10 x 6 inches
Weight12.8 ounces
Model number RX-1600i
Color Black
Part Number173807
Suitable forShooting, Hunting, Golf Playing
Capacity up to 800 yards
Power source 1 Lithium Metal battery

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : How about for bow hunting?
  • Answer :

    It would work great for the bow hunter. It is small and lightweight, so it doesn't take up much room in the hunting bag, and you barely feel it around the neck.

  • Question : Does it range dark object?
  • Answer :

    The range/distance measurement capabilities are based upon the size & density of the object at which you aim the laser. The larger or denser the object you’re shooting, the more likely the rangefinder will read it and give you a distance. In essence, the color of the object should not matter.

Our Remarks

This product is sufficiently small to fit in one hand, which enables it to put it into your pocket and take to your gold course. With this versatile use, it also comes with the easy to read display in three light levels which is quite simple to set up and use.  The quick set menu will give you the comfortable feel, and with the durable aluminum housing will provide you nice durability and sturdiness.


Callaway 200 Laser Rangefinder

  • Editor Rating :
  • Star 3.6 out of 5 star
  • Star
  • Star
  • Star
  • Star

The Callaway 200 is quite small and will easily fit into your pocket if you require taking it with you on tour. It is also very lightweight at just 110g (3.9 oz.) which marks the lightest laser range finder on the marketplace. It arrives in a royal blue plastic case that has a sturdy exterior on it to make sure you can have a nice hold on it in all circumstances.  Utilizing this Callaway 200 couldn't be simpler as you just direct it at the object and push the dark switch on top to bring up the crosshairs and then direct it at the flag or target and push one more to bring up the yards or meters option in the range finder.

The power source of this Callaway 200 is the usual lithium battery, and this is comfortably changeable through the handle on the screw in the battery section for comfortable alteration on the ground. In total, the Callaway 200 is a competitively valued entrance level range finder that does its task quite nicely.


Product Dimension 3.8 x 2.8 x 1.6 inches
Weight 4 ounces
Model number C70142
Suitable for Golf play
CapacityUp to 800-yard range
Power source Lithium battery (Included)
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Does the 200 Laser rangefinder enables you to get yardage to sand traps or other landmarks?
  • Answer :

    Yes, just like any optics-based rangefinder, simply point and shoot (within your line of sight), and it will acquire distances to any target. When acquiring distances an object other than the flagstick, we suggest you switch out of PAT (Pin Acquisition Technology) mode and "scan" the landscape which allows you to acquire distances to multiple objects at once (the distances change in the viewfinder as you scan from target-to-target). Consult the User Manual for more information.

  • Question : How long does battery last?
  • Answer :

    Though battery specs can fluctuate based on the battery brand involved, in a general sense a full battery should last ~ 1500 - 2000 impressions (or targets), which equates to 60-100 rounds depending on how many times you shoot a target during each round. Please note that this model runs off a single, replaceable CR2 (3-volt) lithium battery, which is included with purchase.

Our Remarks

The Callaway 200 laser rangefinder arrives in a small and compacted construction which is proficient enough to reach distances of up to 800 yards. The weight of this compacted rangefinder is only 3.9oz, making it one of the lightest choices on the marketplace. The ultra-compacted range finder can scan the scenery for many objects and provide the data both in meters and yards making it a lightweight substitution for worldwide players. This model also arrives with the Pin Acquisition Proficiency which saw Callaway become one of the most widespread companies for finding and locking the object.

What to Know Before Buying the Product?

If you want to avoid having problems with buying the best Golf Range finder you may follow our checklist to find the suitable one for you. Here’s a checklist:


Golfing is all about precision and accurateness. If you search for gears to help you in your play, you certainly require considering the precision of your possible range finder before buying it. Most range finder company claims their range finder has a precision within half a yard (+/- 0.5).  However, occasionally this is not the circumstance with some products according to user’s criticisms. Your due diligence is compulsory here.


Another vital feature in a range finder is action. This mostly indicates how quickly your range finder works, but it is significant to recall that this goes beyond how fast the machinery works. As far as machinery is concerned, laser range finders perceptibly shine, but it also becomes down due to the construction quality, and on-course circumstances.


One issue that folks oversee is the extent. If you are a golf player, you will understand the significance of moving around easily. If you own a range finder that is moveable, lightweight and most prominently fits the hands or holds then, you will relish golfing and living with your gears.

Maximum Distance Range

Finding the top distance that an item can calculate is also important for a golfer as this regulates how helpful it will be for him or her. Most will measure over four hundred yards, but the some of the exclusive range finders can cover up to 900 meters. So, before buying the product, you need to understand the range and your own requirement for it.

Customer reviews

You can never be sure about the performance of the specific range finder, until and unless you use it. Unluckily, most of us are online purchaser who cannot try it before buying the product. So, reading the golf range finder reviews will help you to understand the impartial evaluation of your choose range finder’s performance.


Even the finest of equipment and construction qualities are useless if they do not provide solid outcomes, which in this case indicate a better involvement. While buying a range finder, be sure to check the item out and measure it while taking into account that you will have to spend a substantial volume of period holding and bringing the product. Also, think of that it is not sufficient that the appearance is attractive.

Digging Deep into Technicalities


Features are the most vital stuff to consider when purchasing a best golf range finder as they are what define the value that it will provide you. Apart from the simple ones that you can find on any of this machinery you must also think through one with progressive ones like the Jolt Expertise, ESP and also a Vivid Display.

 USGA Approval

It is also important to understand whether an item has authorization from USGA or not. Bearing in mind this will confirm that you can use it for trips, but it might not be vital for you if you only want some range finder to utilize when playing just friendly golf over the weekends.

Slope Mode

On the issue of USGA authorization, keep in mind that the USGA also forbids the use of range finders that are slope mode added in contests. But at the identical time, while you are playing just friendly golf or need to have one with slope mode just for individual use, it can certainly make for a pleasant round.

Battery Life

One of the vital matters in obtaining a golf rangefinder is the battery lifespan. Most consumers of low price range finders criticize about battery lifespan. You must check that the item you need to purchase permits you to use it at least a full 18 holes golf game. It’s going to be really sad that after some holes the battery sometimes becomes dead and sometimes it’s very expensive or difficult to replace the battery.

To know the using system

Before purchasing a golf range finder, you must also understand the using procedure such as how to magnify it and how to use all other methods. Even the using procedure differs conferring to the diversity of range finders are obtainable in the marketplace.

Remembering the Extras


Golf range finders are quite lightweight, so you need to confirm the delivery process. You need to check the manufacturing country, and how the delivery process will handle, like the time and cost is a very important issue in this regard.

Return Policy

Ask about the return policy very promptly, must find out how much it’s going to cost to send it to the manufacturer. If purchasing online, you need to take the same measurement regarding this issue.


Find out for a warranty that covers at least two – five years. Though most of the range finder has two years of warranty, find out the best one for long lasting durability.

How to Use and Maintain the Product?

Golf range finder maintenance

Although golf range finders are constructed to be as easy as possible, still you can take advantages from professional tips as well as, perhaps some progressive advice too.


Each and every time you want the finest facility from a gold range finder, please clean it after a consistent pause. It is the finest actions. If you don’t clean your rangefinder’s lens frequently, dirt will be set on it. Occasionally they are scarce to get rid of. So, it is astute to clean frequently. Any type of fabric cannot be utilized for cleaning drives. Fresh velvet fabric with clean alcohol is very much efficient for these kinds of drives. It echoes usually, but it is very effective.

Erasing Stains

It is optimum to utilize a dry velvet fabric to dust off the range finder’s lens. Furthermore, throughout some circumstance, the persistent stain might find its way on your range finder’s lens. Use a misty velvet fabric with pure alcohol to chuck out the stain. Make it consistent that you are removing dust on a frequent basis. A lenient brush can be utilized in its place of a velvet fabric.


Almost every gear needs fixing, or else, it barely lasts for a long time. Therefore, fixing is another top guideline to uphold your golf rangefinder. You can do this if you are quite skilled, but it is highly suggested that you allow a specialized get the job on your behalf.


Only a golf player can recognize the significance of a range finder. So, he at no time desires the damages of the rangefinder. Some top guidelines to uphold the golf rangefinder can make this last for long. Toward the end, it is quite clear that these instructions can make your golfing more contented. Perhaps, it will make your target finding easier.

Final Verdict

An expert player or a novice can select any one of the range finders from our list conferring to his necessities and financial plan. These best golf range finders are outstanding to use because of their surprising features. Still, if you are confused about choosing and defining your requirements, we may able to help you with that. We want to start with Leupold RX-1600i TBR/W w/DNA Laser MOBUC 173807, because of its high performance and top-quality features. This item is very nice for the golf enthusiast for its high light transmission, magnification and amazing construction with premium lightweight materials. Also, this is the highest price on our list, and you will get what you pay for!

Now we want to talk about Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder. This is manufactured by Nikon! What do you want to hear more! Everyone knows, Nikon is the best, and it reflects on the highest ratings provided by all the happy customers. Some of our guys like Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder for its Pin seeker with jolt Technology and durable construction. This really amazed us, how these features and qualities can be optimized in such an affordable price! And the consumers also like this product, which reflects the high ratings from them.

Finally, it’s strongly recommended for you to go through our complete buying guide to understand and draw a distinct line in between those qualities and features. However, the ultimate choice is yours to make. Hope you will get the best golf range finder you were searching for a long time.

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